Expert diagnosis – In order to accurately diagnose many skin conditions, it is necessary to take a sample or biopsy to be 100% certain of the exact condition and develop an effective treatment plan. When you send a skin or nail biopsy to NDI you have the assurance that your specimen will be diagnosed by an experienced, board-certified dermatopathologist.  

One Day Turn Around Time – 95% of case results within 2 days or less.


State of the Art Lab Equipment Our histotechnologists utilize Leica's XL multistainer and automatic coverslipper. We also operate Ventana's Benchmark Ultra Immunoperoxidase stainer and employ many antibodies commonly used in dermatopathology practice. Evaluation of poorly differentiated spindle cell tumors, lymphoproliferative disorders and other hard to diagnosis lesions are performed "in house" and your patient's diagnosis can be rendered in 2-3 days instead of 1-2 weeks. Many of the standard histochemical stains used in the practice of dermatopathology, including those employed to identify pathogenic micro-organisms are also available in our laboratory. NDI has contracted with QUEST Labs to offer direct immunoflourescence testing for bullous disorders, connective tissue diseases and other disorders where DIF may be a valuable adjunct in arriving at a conclusive diagnosis. Michel's transport media will be supplied by our laboratory for these specimens. In addition, we also supply 20ml or 60ml, pre-labeled specimen containers filled with 10% buffered formalin, ziplock specimen transport bags, user friendly specimen request slips and lock boxes if necessary. 

Easy to read Pathology Reports - Our reports have been designed to be easy to read with the most pertinent information highlighted for your convenience.


Free Shipping Materials -  We supply you with pre-filled specimen containers and shipping materials. Request slips are preprinted with our referring physician’s basic demographic information to assist your office staff in processing a specimen. 

Daily Courier Service - We offer daily courier service to much of Lackawanna, Luzerne and Monroe counties. We have a fleet of vehicles driven by experienced couriers who are equipped with company cell phones so they can offer prompt and reliable pick ups. They are expected to be courteous at all times and not to interfere with the duties of your office personnel.  For referring physicians outside of our regular courier routes over-night delivery is available via FEDEX at our expense. We will provide free shipping containers and pre-printed overnight shipping air bills.  

Report delivery options -  We offer our referring physicians numerous report delivery options including hard copy, faxing, web portal or electronic interface.  Our friendly staff can assist you in choosing the best option for you.