Darlene Monahan, Lab Manager

Darlene Monahan, our Director of Histotechnology, is a member of the founding staff at NDI. Darlene holds a BS in Biology from Syracuse University and has over 35 years of clinical and hospital laboratory experience. Darlene is responsible for the management of the laboratory including staffing, purchasing and in-house equipment maintenance. 

Frances Walters, Administrator

Our Administrator, Frances Walters, is a Northeastern Pennsylvania native and a member of the founding staff at NDI. She earned her BS in Operations Management from Penn State University and has over thirty years of business management experience. Prior to joining Northeast Dermatopathology Institute, Ms. Walters applied her business management skills to a number of local businesses in a variety of industries including healthcare. Her responsibilities include contract and fee negotiations, management of our office staff, and administration and auditing of our medical billing system. 

Dawn Larkin, Histotech

Dawn Larkin joined Northeast Dermatopathology Institute in October 2005 as a Histotechnology Associate. Dawn earned a BS in Medical Technology from Marywood College. Her education includes a one year internship at the Scranton Medical Technology Consortium. Dawn has over 16 years of experience in the field including special training on the Ventana Benchmark Ultra used at NDI for immunohistochemistry special stains. 

Mimi McAndrew, Billing Manager

Mimi McAndrew, our medical billing manager, joined our staff in 2007. Mimi earned her BS from Marywood college and has over 30 years of experience in the Laboratory industry. Mimi works closely with our data entry staff to ensure prompt and accurate patient and insurance billing. Our goal is to provide quick resolution to our patient’s insurance claims. She is committed to assisting our patients with any and all insurance issues. 

Jolene Baclasky, Lead Transcriptionist

Jolene Baclasky is a Northeast PA native and joined the staff at NDI in 2011. Jolene has over 20 years of experience in the laboratory industry and is our lead transcriptionist. Jolene is responsible for our medical coding and assists in all facets of the day to day operations.  She works closely with staff members from our referring physician offices to ensure our pathology reports are accurate and delivered in a timely fashion. 

Sandy Pierre

Sandy Pierre joined our staff full time in 2015.  Sandy works closely with our transcription and billing departments and assists in all phases of the accessioning process. In addition, Sandy works with our referring doctors in a customer service capacity to address any customer requests or needs in a timely fashion. 

Alison Johnson, Transcriptionist

Alison Johnson joined our staff in 2016.  She has a long history as a transcriptionist in many areas of health care.  Alison has received formal training in medical coding and billing and assists in the production of accurate pathology reports and billing.  She works closely with our referring office staff to ensure the accuracy of our pathology reports.  

Brian Benginia, Transportation Manager

Our transportation manager, Brian Benginia, is a member of our NDI founding staff. Brian is responsible for the dispatch and coordination of our courier staff. He works closely with the staff at our referring physician offices to insure the prompt pick up of patient specimens.

Tamara Vrabel

Tammy joined Northeast Dermatopathology Institute in October 2014 as a Grossing Tech/Histotech.  Tammy  earned a BS in Biology from Marywood College followed by a one year internship at the Scranton Medical Technology Consortium. Tammy has worked in the laboratory industry for nearly 30 years in both an independent and hospital lab setting.

Karen Bullett

Karen Bullett has worked in the lab industry her entire career.  Karen joined our staff 2010 as a part time histotech.   She has proven to be a valuable resource for us here at NDI to cover our staff shortages or to assist in periods of heavy work load.